Land Management

Today the Umatilla Reservation totals 172,882 acres. Of that total, 90,315.54 are trust acres (52%) and in Individual Indian/Tribal ownership, including trust and fee. 48% is owned by non-Indians.

The CTUIR Inheritance Code approved Board of Trustees Resolution #08-028 on April 7, 2008 and approved by the BIA on May 16, 2008. The CTUIR declares its intent to exercise its rights to prevent the transfer of trust lands within the Umatilla Indian Reservation to a person named in a will who is not an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes. Please reference CTUIR Inheritance Code at:  Click here to download the Inheritance Code pdf.

The Land Program staff consists of a manager, coordinator, specialist, 3 probate staff, conveyance supervisor and specialist, leasing supervisor Specialist and a land laborer.  The land program encompasses the BIA functions compacted by the CTUIR of leasing, conveyance, appraisals and probate.

The CTUIR's Land Acquisition Committee meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesday. All land sale offers to the Tribe maybe presented and reviewed. If they receive favorable review and the funds are available, it may be presented to the Board of Trustees, the Tribe's governing body, for final approval via resolution.