Farming Enterprise





The Tribal Farm Enterprise (TFE) farms Tribally owned land and leased land.  Today's totals are as follows.

Total Acres:13,406

Crop Rotation Program: 4,349

Pasture: 160

Hay: 200

Grassland (Oregon Seed Grant OSU lease): 121



Bureau of Indian Affairs: 1,064

Tribal Farm Enterprise: 2,122

Other: 234

Total:  3,420



Bureau of Indian Affairs: 2,414

Tribal Farm Enterprise: 1,970

Other 272

Total:  4,656



In 1998 our first Farm Manager was hired.  Starting then, the Tribe started farming a portion of our owned acres which were 110 acres with the first purchase of a used 8,650 John Deere wheel tractor.

The total acreage the TFE manages has steadily increased throughout the past few years and is expected to continue to do so with new land acquisitions and new land leases and partnerships assumptions.  The TFE is responsible for improvement and upkeep of the Tribal lands assigned to it and for consistent management of that land.  By diversifying its crops and income streams it has increasingly become a stable and fruitful enterprise.  TFE farms for individuals, the Tribal owned acres and also BIA leases that have previously been idle.

The Tribal Farm office is located within the Department of Economic and Community Development office located in the Nixyáawii Governance Center.



Tami Rochelle, Farm Secretary II,
Markus Dunfee, Farm Assistant
Babette Cowapoo, Farm Hand