Energy and Environmental Sciences


To identify and resolve environmental contaminant threats to First Foods through scientific excellence.



EESP 2034 Vision:

The year is 2034, and First Foods are more resilient against environmental threats. Guided by Tamánwit and the principles of reciprocity, we, Natítayt, uphold our role as stewards, to protect the resources retained in the Treaty of 1855.

The Energy and Environmental Sciences Program (EESP) is at the forefront of planning, monitoring, and researching environmental problems. Our primary goal is to provide mitigation strategies for threats to First Foods. Our team, dedicated to protecting the quality of First Foods, is enriched by traditional ecological and scientific knowledge. The academic growth of Tribal member scientists and technicians is a top priority, and their unique insights strengthen our efforts.

EESP's research informs policy and management decisions for protecting First Foods from environmental threats. We use various tools and methods to identify and counter environmental hazards, including Scientific Reviews, Publications, Conceptual Site Models, and the CTUIR Toxics Reduction Strategy. Our continuous monitoring ensures safer First Foods harvests, and resources like the Toxics Inventory evolve to reflect current conditions and guide community access to clean First Foods.