Public Swimming Pools & Spas

Regulating and inspecting public pools helps protect the health, safety and welfare of persons using those facilities. Pool Reviews enforce the requirements for the construction and operation of public swimming pools, public wading pools and bathhouses.

What permits do I need for a public pool or spa facility?

  • Plan Review Application
  • Pool Application

Process for Opening a Public Pool or Spa

1. Completed Pool Plan Review Application & Fee
Complete your application, and return it to our Environmental Health & Safety Officer along with your Pool Plan Review Fee of $300.  You can return these items by e-mail to, by returning them to our office in person, or by mailing them to us at:

CTUIR - Tribal Planning Office
ATTN:  Environmental Health & Safety Program
Pendleton, OR 97801

2. Plan Review Meeting with Environmental Health & Safety Officer
The Environmental Health & Safety Officer will contact you to schedule a meeting to review your proposed applications & procedures.

3. Prepare Pool Facility
This includes building and/or remodeling the facility. Please contact the Tribal Planning Office to obtain all necessary permits.

4. Pre-Opening Inspection
You will need to schedule a Pre-Opening Inspection prior to opening to the public.  This inspection ensures the pool operations meet the proposed plan, and that all building & planning permits have been finalized.  Please call our Environmental Health & Safety Officer at 541-276-3099 at least 1 week in advance to schedule your inspection.

5. Semi-Annual Inspection
The Environmental Health & Safety Officer will inspect your pool at least twice a year to ensure pool operations meet Model Aquatic Health Code standards.