Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety helps to maintain the highest quality of environmental, public, and personal health and safety on the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

  • Initial & semi-annual inspections of food service establishments (restaurants, mobile restaurants & temporary food booths)
  • Initial & semi-annual inspections of public and semi-public pools and spas, summer camps, motels, hotels, and RV Parks
  • Permitting for installation and repair of septic systems & sewer connections (including authorizations and Sanitation Development Permits)
  • Enforces Environmental Health & Safety Code, including dog control & hazardous conditions

Report a Possible Violation

In our role, we regulate:

  • Restaurants food safety
  • Animal control
  • Boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts events
  • Facility safety (public pools, spas and camps)
  • Management of on-site sewage, solid & hazardous waste
  • Maintenance of animals & livestock

We will work together to determine the best method to correct an unsafe condition at one of these establishments or property.

If you would like to file a complaint, please contact our Environmental Health & Safety Officer at 541-276-3099 or send an e-mail to planning@ctuir.org. Be sure to provide the most complete information regarding your experience so we have the best information for follow-up.