Long-Range Planning

The Tribal Planning Office administers the CTUIR Comprehensive Plan and long-term planning efforts affecting the Umatilla Indian Reservation. We also provide research, findings & opinions as pertaining to planning, planning process, land use regulations, theory and development patterns to other CTUIR Departments, the Board of Trustees, General Council and CTUIR residents. We also work with area jurisdictions such as Umatilla County, City of Pendleton, Walla Walla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (WWVMPO), Umatilla National Forest, Columbia River Gorge Commission, etc. to make sure that our policies complement each other, are mutually supportive, further our treaty rights and interest in the management of those lands in our ceded territories.

Ongoing Efforts

  • 2020 - July Grounds Visioning Project
  • 2021 - Updates to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan
  • 2021 - Updated Transportation Systems Plan to serve the Umatilla Indian Reservation for the next 20 years
  • Mission Community Plan updates
  • 2025 - Efforts begin to update Comprehensive Plan looking at 2030-2050